Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Power Steering Pump

One of the few remaining components I need to source was an electric power steering pump ...

12V electric power steering pumps are used on later model cars like the Toyota MR2 and Holden Astra ... ... I was looking for one that had the PS fluid reservoir attached.

Sourcing one has been a task ... No luck at local wreckers, I've been outbid on plenty of MR2 PS pumps out of the US and Astra pumps from the UK are expensive to ship back to AU. I did finally get one from EBAY ... don't know what car it is from but it looks pretty heavy duty.
It will probably take about 2 weeks to arrive but i'm in no hurry since I haven't seen my motor/gearbox back from the engineers.

Speaking of which ... I went and saw the engineers about 2 weeks ago to see how it was progressing ... I also asked whether they could tackle the issue of advancing the brushes in the motor. (turning half the motor casing 13 degrees in the opposite direction of rotation) ... and they said it wouldn't be a problem.

They had made a template for the adapter plate but not much else had been done so far ... The motor was still sitting on the floor strapped to the pallet it shipped with.

I have all faith in these guys coming through for me though.

Further update ... today I gave them another call and they tell me we should be looking at end of next week ... eeexxxcellent ... ... I forgot to ask about the advancing of the case again ... ... but still eeexxxcellent ...