Friday, September 4, 2009

Motor and Gearbox are Now One

Well, it has finally arrived ... the day that my forklift motor and gearbox are adapted.

With a little more guidance from DIYELECTRICCAR.COM I wired it up to one of my 12V blocks.

I was a worried what to expect as i didn't even get a chance to test the motor before I handed it over to the engineers. But it spun to life.

The engineers took forever but did a fantastic job ... Not only did they make the coupler and adapter plate under their quote of $1500 but they also advanced the end housing, sourced a bearing that was missing and polished the rotor at no extra cost.

I supose my job was on the backburner while other work was completed ... Hey, if it saved me hundreds, I couldn't be happier.

Next is to get this sucker mounted in the car and design battery racks to go around it. So, lets start looking at welders.


  1. Hi, John. I'm Paul in Austin, Tx. My little baby, a '91 red/black interior perfect Z blew a head gasket, and I'm seriously considering a conversion. Looks like you're getting serious, and also haven't fallen into the "kit" syndrome. I'd like to discuss some of your "plan" sometime as your time permits. My regular email address is "". Holler sometime ! !