Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Alive !!!

Had a busy last week ...
Having received the controller, I have been spending quite a few hours each day finalising the wiring.
I have stacked the front rack full of batteries (6 Blocks 72V) made all the connecting orange HV cables.
Completed all the contactor wiring ... all the Controller Low Voltage wiring ... In cabin switches ... etc.

The wiring for this car is staring to look like a huge web of wires going everywhere ... I have tried to tape some wires together and others in small flexible coduit in an effort to keep things tidy.

We'll, I counldn't wait any longer and on Friday 5th Feb I flicked one of the large circuit breakers ...

Pop Hiss Smoke ... ... I flicked the circuit breaker back off again

Turns out those cheap Chinese gauges I had used really do need fully isolated power ... ...
The main pack voltmeter had blown its capacitors and let the smoke out.
I had isolated the power of all 4 gauges to one separate 12V source but it seems that wasn't good enough.

I removed the blown gauge, disconnected the HV signal cables and tried the circuit breaker again ... ... No smoke this time ... Yay !!!

OK ... back in the car ... I turned on the main contactor ... then pluged in my laptop to communicate with the controller. ...
Only error message was:
1311 "waiting for key" ... So I turned the key
1312 "waiting for start signal" ... Turned the key to start
1314 "waiting for throttle input"

There was a eerie quietness about the car as I pushed the accellerator pedal.
The rear wheels started spinning ...

I had the car is 4th gear so as to not overrev the motor but spun the rear wheels up to 80km/h with no problems ...

There was a scraping noise coming from the brakes which is probably due to the car sitting out in the weather for the past few years without any use. But no other noises requiring investigating.
I turned the car off, flicked off the circuit breaker, disconnected a power lead and then began checking all connections for any increased heat.

I think this will be my task for the next week or so ... While the car is still up on blocks ... run it for a few minutes and check out the components and connections for any heat.

I still need to address a possible leaking brake booster and to tidy up some of the wiring before I drop the car and test down the "driveway".

More pics to come soon


  1. So when you say isolated supply for your panel meters, do you mean isolated from each other or isolated from the traction pack?

  2. Not only isolated from the traction pack and isolated from the 12V system in the car ... They also need to be isolated from each other.

    Sooooooooo ... ... to have these 4 gauges running in the car I need to have 6 fully isolated circuits ... I'll end up putting these on individual 9V batteries ... what a pain ... but better than picking up fragments of capacitaor out of my dash for the next 3 months. ... I think you can do something with diodes but i'll leave that for the experts.

  3. Any idea why they need isolating from each other?