Monday, October 26, 2009

Engine Mounts Done

I've been spending about 30 mins each day Cutting Grinding Welding ...
The battery boxes are about half completed ...
But i'm finished with my first attempt for the motor mount.
I've mainly used 40x3mm angle iron with double 20x3mm strip for the banding.

This is the right hand side ...

And the left ...


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  2. HEY Z brother!
    I have a Z32 as well and i absolutely love the Tesla Roadster and Model S but i love my Fairlady too much. I have always wondered if anyone has every done an electric conversion of a 300zx, and here you are! This is amazing man i will convert my Z into electric as well, and this gives me so much hope! Thank you i am glad i have found someone who is like minded as i am :)
    Cheers mate! I cannot wait to see your Z on the road once it is ready.