Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Power Steering Pump Installed

It's been a while since my last post, but I did complete a few tasks in November.

With my front battery rack near completion, I began the task of finding mounting positions for the extra equipment needed under the bonnet.
The electric power steering pump is one of these.
I've been having so much fun with my new found welding skills that I decided to knock up a custom mount for the pump to attach it to the firewall near where the car's original 12V battery sits.

Here is a pic of the Power steering pump mounted in the car.
I had to source a custom high pressure line for $80 from the local hydraulic hose supplier ... but was able to recycle some of the 300zx old Power steering lines for the return feed.
I still don't know what car this pump was originally from ... but it looks fairly heavy duty.
I have powered the pump up to check that it works ok and to test out my relay wiring.
As the high pressure line weaves amongst my front battery rack, I haven't filled it with fluid as yet.
Once I am convinced I won't need to adjust the front battery racks any more, I'll test out the steering and my hose connections.


  1. WOW I've found a guy converting a 300ZX.
    I love my twin turbo ZED but dream of an EV
    (as long as it's FAST). So a fast EV 300ZX - unbeatable.
    Am watching with extreme interest. Good on you, Good Luck.

  2. Jon:

    My name is B.J. and I too am converting a 1990 300ZX in Kingsville Texas, if fact the exact same color too. I'm just getting started and just pulled the engine out 2 days ago. If you have the time, I have a question about when you pulled out the ECU wiring harness. I'm having a difficult time getting that big plug through the small opening in the firewall without having to move the air box/dash. You said in your blog that you removed the entire harness and ECU box. Are you sure there is nothing in that harness that will come back to haunt me if I remove the whole thing? I plan on just cutting off the darn giant blue plug and pull the wires out through the firewall. I want to keep the cruise control, does this run through the ECU? I have the schematics, but I'm not an electrical engineer and they're making me "cross eyed" just trying to decipher them. Thanks for your time and thanks for the blog.