Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pot Box Installed

While i'm still awaiting delivery of my controller, another job that can be done was to mount the potentiometer and connect it to the standard throttle cable ...
Once again I have gone crazy with the welder and made a custom mount for this.I found a nice spot for this in the centre of the firewall just above the electric motor.
Since I haven't decided where the controller will be mounted as yet, having the pot box centralised should give me plenty of cable length later on.
It's a bit hard to see from these pics but at the top left of the metal mount I have added an extra piece of steel with a mounting hole for a second return spring.
I haven't sourced one yet but it is part of Australian guidelines to have a secondary return spring in case of failure.
Here are a couple of picks how the engine bay is looking at present.

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