Thursday, June 18, 2009

Batteries, Gauges and Heater Core

Now your pretty much up to date.
It is now mid June ... and the projects i've been working on this month are:

The Battery Boxes:
Turning 12 of these 7.5Ah 12Volt batteries

Into This

A 12V 90Ah Battery Box ...

The Idea is to have 13 of these Battery Boxes wired in series to create 156Volt

This part of the project is turning into a real chore with charging of the individual batteries, testing, endless wire cutting and crimping, modifying of the boxes, timber insert cutting ... etc...

I'm finding nearly every second of these used batterys to be ok ... so for now a couple of hundred dollars on cable and boxes is a better option than spending a few thousand for a new set of batteries.

Gauges, Switches and Wiring Harness:

Mounted on a plywood face plate, I have installed the LCD Meters and an array of illuminated switches which will control the gauges, main power, heater core, power steering pump and vacuum pump. i have also wired all this to a detachable plug and a custom wiring harness.

Heater Core:

Because the ICE no longer supplies hot water for the cabin heater, an alternate electric heat source needs to be installed.

Pictured here is the original 300zx "under dash" heater core and a timber frame i made with the same dimensions.

Thanks to for the idea ... which is to use a 1600Watt ceramic heater core from a $20 fan heater.

Although used with 240V AC, these heater cores will heat to 100 degrees in seconds when connected to high voltage DC (156V in my case) ... The heater core will be not only activated by a switch on the dash but also fed from the cabin fan power. This way the heater core will only be activated with the dash switch on and the cabin fan running ... (see for a better explanation)

Pictured here is my second attempt at this heater core. I still have more testing that needs to be done before I will feel safe about mounting this back under the dash.