Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Star of the Show

Introducing the star of the show ...

My 206kW, 1600kg, twin turbo, rear wheel drive, 18 L/100km, 1990 4 seat Nissan 300ZX.

Specs for the 300Z can be found here ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/300zx

The Project:

To disband with the gas guzzler twin turbo motor and turn the car into an on road, daily driving one of these ...

Well, not quite ... but the plans are for an electric powered street vehicle with comparative acceleration to a stock standard 300ZX.

Nooooo !!! ... ... ... I can hear all the Nissan sport car drivers crying already ... But it's too late now ... This car isn't going to know what hit it.

A little bit about myself ...

My name is John ... I'm 31 years old ... I live in Brisbane Australia ... I currently work for a freight forwarding company ... and i'm into any form of sustainable technology or living. Whether it be electric cars to wind turbines, growing your own vegetables to mud brick houses ... chances are I've researched it in depth.

I believe electric cars (and high speed electric rail) are the future for transport. But i'm not prepared to wait for the government or the car manufacturers to offer their solution with an unknown pricetag.

The Chevrolet Volt ... Production Due 2010 ??? ... Release into Australia ??? ... Pricetag US40,000 ??? ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Volt

Motivation / Inspiration:

Came from a 3 month work assignment in Perth, with nothing but sight seeing and the hotel room internet as entertainment ... (Thanks Jamie) ...

Watching the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car" and stumbling accross kiwiev.com


I have an IT (hardware and software) background ... I have limited knowledge when it comes to vehicle maintenance and no fabrication experience.

I'm fairly practical by nature ... I try my hand at home renovations and small domestic building projects. If I can see something assembled, I'll have a go at building it myself (although disassembly was my specialty when I was younger)

However, I understand the basics of electronics (I know how to read a wiring diagram and know how to use a set of jumper cables)

So how hard could it be ??? It's just like an overgrown remote control car ... Right ???


  1. Yeeessss! I like sports cars, but that one will be even better in EV mode!
    Go for it! I'll follow your blog closely, to see your progress.
    And maybe I'll do it myself in the future as well!

  2. That will be one outstanding looking EV! Good to see some sporty type cars converted to electric. I'll be watching.


  3. John I read your project and I just want to say thanks for sharing it with others. My name is Michael and as I go to college this sumer, I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering. I have a plan, a plan to create the electric car. I plan to you the 11 wrap 144vol 30 Hp dc moter and the curtis controller. I have already designed the vehicle and it s all a matter of time and money befor i make it come true. I had a question about the power steering pump. If you would talk about that area i would appreciate it. Oh this is my email adress, michaeldumessa@yahoo.com i would like as to get in touch. I know you live all the way in australia and i live in the us but i believe our common passion for eletric cars will be worth our email exchange! Thank you and God Bless you.