Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time for a quick budget

It was January 2009 when I started this project .... and it began with a "very" rough budget.

Donor Car ... $3000

Motor ... $5500 (I decided on a larger 11" Series DC motor after weighing up the cost and availability and potential gain of AC setups available)

Controller ... $2000 (still undecided, but determined to get one larger than the Curtis 500Amp 1231C

Batteries ... $600 (I had been given hundreds of 9Ah 12Volt VRSLA batteries from a friendly courier driver that swapped them out in UPS') They were all second hand and needed to be disposed of. Hopefully I will be able to use these batteries for 12 Months to get the project running before needing to price up a Lithium pack. (Thanks Phil)
Battery Charger $3000 (Still undecided)
Motor Coupler & Adapter Plate $1000
Potentiometer $200
DC-DC $300
Vacuum Pump $400
Power Steering Pump $400
Contactors $300
Circuit Breaker $200
Gauges $300
Cable & other Electronics I haven't thought of $1000
Welding for Engine Mounts and Battery Boxes $1000
Certifying for Road Use $1000
Total of AUD$20200 .... Ouch !!!
I was hoping for a budget more like $10K ... But then I might be able to source some of these items cheaper when the time comes.
This project may take a bit longer than I originally thought.

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